Our company has proudly been serving Marco Island for over 19 years.  Mike Thompson started Thompson Irrigation and Landscape Lighting from scratch in 1988.  He brought his experience in these fields to Marco Island and purchased a home on the island.  In 2006 Mike decided to sell his business and move to Mississippi to help his minister build a church.  Rick Boynton purchased the business along with his son Jeff from Mike and continues to operate it and provide the same amount and level of service that Mike offered his clients.  Jeff is not currently involved with the business full time, but does help service clients as needed.  Rick has been a resident of Marco Island since 1999 living in Old Marco, and  hails from the Minneapolis area of Minnesota.  Rick decided to keep the same name and business model, with as little disruption as possible to the present clientele and operations.  As owner / operator he is able to keep prices low.  He only has one employee and no offsite office, so he can be extremely competitive compared to other similar companies that operate on Marco Island. Thompson Irrigation makes every effort to respond to your needs as soon as possible.  In 2007 Danny Wilmath joined Thompson as a senior technician.  His experience includes four years of all aspects of irrigation work in the Tampa area.  Danny also lives on Marco Island with his wife and young son.
We are licensed in irrigation, bonded and insured, and we are members of the Irrigation and Landscape Lighting Contractors Association.
Marco Island, FL